Important Notice of Upcoming Changes to the Southwest Email System

In order to provide the latest technology, the Information Technology Services (ITS) department is pleased to announce the upgrade of our email system. In the coming months, we will upgrade our email system from Zimbra to Office 365.

Outlook Web App

If you use a web browser to access email, the new link to access email is

Outlook on your desktop computer

If you use the Outlook appliction on your computer, we will need to reconfigure it to work with your new email profile. Call the Help Desk at 901-333-4357 (HELP) for assistance.

Some of the benefits of this upgrade are:

  • Mailbox size (quota) will increase from 2 GB to 50 GB.
  • The web interface and features for email will significantly improve
  • Attach documents up to 150 MB
  • Email is accessible through the Office 365 portal or through the Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • Email is accessible through all major web browsers
  • Office 365 web apps are available through the email web interface

Important information to know about the email migration

  • Your email address and password will NOT change
  • Your department will receive a communication from ITS about the date of your migration 
  • You do not need to backup or archive your email, we will migrate your email data 
  • Training will be available, visit the DEIT website for more details
  • You will no longer receive emails to your Zimbra account after your email has been successfully migrated 
  • You will need to reconfigure email settings on your mobile devices 


Visit the DEIT website to signup for the informational sessions. 

Click here to sign-up for training