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| Office 365 FAQ

Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Office 365?

To access Office 365, go to Log in using your Southwest username and password. You must be an active student to access the features of Office 365.

What do I get with Office 365?

Students and employees will receive the following:

  • Access to Office 365 cloud applications, such as, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive and Outlook Web App.
  • Ability to download the latest Office application suite on up to 5 personal devices
  • Ability to download the latest Office mobile apps on up to 5 mobile devices

What is Office 365? How is it different from Microsoft Office?

"Office 365" refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services), such as Lync web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted email for business, and additional online storage with OneDrive and Skype world minutes for home.

Your Office 365 subscription does include the desktop version of the latest Office applications, which users can install across multiple computers and devices. Visit the Office 365 portal to download on your personal laptop, home computer, or mobile device

“Microsoft Office” is the name we still use for our familiar productivity software. Office suites have traditionally included applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. All the new Office suites (for example, Office Standard 2013) include the latest versions of these applications. These suites can be installed on only one PC and do not come with any cloud-based services included in Office 365.

How can I access my web mail account through Office 365?

As we are going through the conversion from Zimbra to Office 365 email, Microsoft Outlook Web App and Microsoft Outlook can be used to access your e-mail and calendar

Do I need an installed e-mail client to use Office 365?

Many users will find the Outlook Web App to be robust enough for their needs on and off campus. It is accessible by browser and doesn't require additional software installation.

An alternative to the Outlook Web App is having an Outlook Client installed on a computer. Outlook is installed on all college owned machines. Staff or students interested in using Outlook at home can download the most recent version through Office 365.

Is there support for mobile devices like smartphones & tablets?

Yes. Detail on how to connect mobile devices are available on the Email Migration project page.

Which browser versions are compatible with Outlook Web App?

  • Internet Explorer 8 or above
  • Safari 5 or above
  • Latest FireFox "Release" version
  • Latest Chrome "Stable" version

Note: Outlook Web App also has a light version that supports a reduced set of features across almost any browser

How can I check my mail using web mail?

You can use Outlook Web App to check your mail through the web.

Does Office 365 support IMAP connections?

Yes, although this access method has reduced functionality by comparison to others. It lacks support for calendar functions and the global address list.

We recommend using the following supported access methods for the best experience:

  • Outlook Web App
  • Office 365 Mobility for portable devices
  • An installed Outlook client on your computer

Instructions to install Southwest email on your mobile device can be found on the Email Migration webpage.

How do I receive support or help for Office 365?

Our Microsoft licenses allow the college to offer Office 365 as a free service to students and employees. The help desk is available to troubleshoot connectivity issues. Any issues related to the use of Office 365 and its applications should be directed to Microsoft. If you’re experiencing issues trying to install Office on your PC or Mac, see Troubleshoot Office installation with Office 365 for business.

Can I take my Office 365 account with me once I leave the college?

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow your college Office 365 account to transfer to a personal account. Students and employees will receive a 30 day notice from Microsoft alerting users to move their data from their OneDrive account. All data stored on your OneDrive account will be deleted after the notice expires.

Are there any technical requirements for using Microsoft Office 365?

Students and employees will need a computer, an active internet connection, and a current web browser to access the Office 365 cloud applications. However, not all features of each tool may be available on all platforms/browsers. Offline access to Office 365 is available by downloading the Office suite to your desktop or laptop computer. For more details, check the Help manual for the product you are interested in using. More information on the system requirements for your computer can be found at

Can both employees and students use Microsoft Office 365?

Yes. Office 365 is available to both, students and employees.

Does my Office 365 account password expire?

Yes, since we use your Southwest username and password to access Office 365, it will expire as outlined in our password policy.

Is my information safe "in the cloud"?

Multiple copies of your data are stored for redundancy purposes. The data is encrypted when accessed from the server.  The end result is an online service that has the equivalent reliability and security as an on-campus server. Microsoft is responsible for encrypting all information stored in the Office 365 cloud. Southwest Tennessee Community College bears to responsibility to the safety of your Office 365 data.

How much storage space do you receive with your OneDrive account?

Currently, Microsoft offers 1TB (terabyte) of storage in your OneDrive account. This is subject to change anytime.

Who manages the OneDrive account provided by the college?

This account is associated with the school and should be used for school-appropriate content, such as homework and schoolwork. Permissions and access can be changed by the school’s IT administrator at any time.