CD/DVD Duplication
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DVD/CD and Duplication Services


  • Ticket Request request must be submitted for DVD/CD and Videotape Duplication.
  • In the request description, please enter the number of copies needed. The requester must also supply blank DVD-R disc, Videotapes and CD discs.
  • DVD/CDs and Videotapes will be duplicated for classroom use if a back up copy is needed for the academic department that purchased them.
  • DVD/CDs and Videotapes with a copyright restriction will not be duplicated without written permission from the publishing company. It is the responsibility of the requestor to acquire permission.
  • DVDs and Videotapes designed by a faculty member for use in instruction will be duplicated as requested.
  • No duplications will be made for personal use.
  • Videotapes will be duplicated to transfer them to a usable format if necessary.
  • No requests are taken directly from students.

Multimedia Services and Digital Production


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